Carpet Wagon Appointment


Hello my name is Avo Barsoumian and as President of Carpet Wagon, I would like to thank you for setting up your appointment with us. Soon we’ll call and confirm your appointment time and date, in the interm we are very excited to have the opportunity to show you why we believe we are the best place to buy floor covering.

Because we value your business, my number one job is to see how we can add value to your shopping experience with us as well as the overall value that you will get.

If at any time you feel we are not meeting this goal, I invite you to call me directly toll-free at 1-800-2-DECORATE (1-800-233-2672) ext. 230. I promise as president of the company I will do everything in my power to achieve this goal.

Below, please find the offers worth $272, which I am pleased to offer you for FREE in the spirit of the above goal.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Because you’ll save us time and money when you make your decision to buy on our first visit, I have enclosed a special fast action bonus gifts worth $899. See details below.