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Basic Facts About Ceramic Tile Flooring

Basics on Ceramic Tile Flooring:

Ceramic tiles are available in three general types: floor tiles, wall tiles and porcelain tiles. Floor tile is particularly made to resist the misuse most floors must undergo. Durable, strong and come in many different sizes, floor tile are typically costlier than wall tiles. Wall tile is being created to match […]

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Have You Considered Cork Flooring For Your Home?

While there is a great and diverse range of “green” flooring options that you can find at a quality flooring store, many people are not familiar with cork flooring.

Cork flooring is one of the most ecologically friendly and sustainable types of flooring. It can truly help you to reduce your impact on the environment — while providing you with a long-lasting and beautiful solution for your flooring needs.

Cork flooring can be produced without destroying any cork trees at all. Instead, all manufacturers need to do is strip the outer layers of the bark from the tree. Likewise, cork trees grow quickly and can easily be cultivated and harvested. […]

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The Advantages Of Bamboo Flooring

Have you thought about installing bamboo flooring in your home? Bamboo flooring has long been popular in many parts of Asia. However, it has only recently made its debut in North America.

Spectacular homes all throughout the United States and Canada are now beginning to sport beautiful bamboo floors. Once you hear all about bamboo, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before!
The Advantages Of Bamboo In Brief
Bamboo is a fast-growing wood that grows primarily in China and throughout Asia, although it is very hardy and is gradually being introduced to many other areas. Because it can become so tall in such a brief time, it is a highly renewable resource.

Many people are first attracted to bamboo because of its environmental friendliness. Growing bamboo is good for the environment and does not require harsh techniques that might damage the biosphere. Of course, pandas also appreciate it when we grow bamboo. […]

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Reasons To Consider Ecologically Friendly Green Flooring

More and more people around Southern California and throughout the state are choosing ecologically friendly flooring options for their renovations or their new home.

The number and quality of “green flooring” options have both grown substantially in the last ten years, and it is very likely that they will continue to increase — especially in California.

At Carpet Wagon, we’ve received a number of comments from our customers about their desire to work toward a better environment. In response, we’ve ensured that we stock a full selection of green flooring, including the latest styles available.
Styles Of Green Flooring For You To Choose From
There are many different types of green flooring, so you will be able to find something to suit any decor and style of home. […]

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Bamboo Makes Spectacular Flooring

Bamboo is not a hard wood, but is actually a plant and the flooring you see is the fibers of the plant. This is why bamboo looks so very different from hard woods – it is! Not only does bamboo simply look spectacular as flooring, due to its very distinctive pattern, but it is also […]

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The Right Flooring Can Offer Both Romantic Style And Passive Solar Energy

Passive solar heating and cooling has become increasingly popular for homes, as it not only helps to reduce your overall costs of living by utilizing passive solar heat via windows, flooring options and even drywall, but it is also an ecologically friendly way of life that requires little, if any, extra money or effort.

While it […]

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Energy Efficient Flooring Options

While cold and frigid winters are rarely a concern in Southern California, many people would still like to lower their utility bills during the winter months and have a home that is as economically friendly and cost effective as possible. Your floors can have a great deal to do with the energy efficiency of your […]

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Going Green With Your Flooring

The latest trend in home design and décor is to go “green”, or to find natural products that are not harmful to the environment or your health. As the green movement has gathered steam, it has made more natural products available to the average homeowner, and this means that the next time you go shopping […]

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The Science Of Water Damage

Before you choose hardwood for your next flooring installation, there is one important thing you need to consider. While hardwood floors are generally considered one of the most attractive, luxurious flooring options. For all its classical appeal however, it has a major weakness: it is easily warped or damaged by moisture. Wood flooring is a natural product, and is therefore subject to the same forces that affected the trees from which it is derived. The porous nature of wood means that it absorbs moisture, not just from spills or rain, but also from ambient conditions like heat and humidity. […]

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Purchasing Safe Carpeting

The majority of homes in America have wall to wall carpeting, and why not? It is comfortable and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, not all carpeting is produced with the health and safety of the consumer in mind. Whether your carpeting is new or old you may be exposing yourself and your family to a number harmful substances everyday without even knowing it. […]

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